Guinness-Flavored Chips: Yep, They Exist

UK chip maker Burts Chips has released their latest stout-flavored creation

Stout lovers may never have to taste anything but Guinness ever again: The beer brand has teamed up with Burts Chips in the U.K. to develop Guinness-flavored chips, meaning you can sip that Guinnses with your crisps and never worry about tasting anything other than beer.

The chips, available in the U.K. in Selfridges and Waitrose, are reportedly grey-tinged or brownish, with mixed reviews coming in. One writer at the Independent wrote that Guinness crisps, while slightly off-putting due to the color, have nice notes of "mushroom and a Marmite-y finish."


Nevertheless, the chips apparently smell of old booze and "old Chinese takeaway." The opposition to the chips concludes, "They taste dreadful, sort of like sweet and salty beef." No word on when we can get this stateside, but we imagine there will be a reverse chip-flavored vodka out sometime in the future. Word on Twitter is the Guinness chips have yet to be rolled out across Europe.