Guinness Deep-Sea Bar Offers Underwater Sips

The best place to enjoy a dark brew under the sea

The newest bar to enjoy a Guinness is under the sea.

As part of the celebration of the 250th anniversary of Arthur Guinness’ 1759 signing of his brewery lease at St. James Gate in Dublin, Guinness held a contest to find winners who would have a chance to enjoy their stout at depths never before experienced. This was back in 2009, and at the time, the Irish brewery commissioned a custom submarine bar to transport the lucky drinkers below sea level. That sub-bar has recently been completed, and it’s an extremely unique and sleek vessel.

Designed by London-based Jump Studios, the interior reflects the Guinness brand tagline "Alive Inside" with a swooshing series of curved benches and beer holders. Constructed from glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), the seating and tables flow seamlessly into one another. The entire interior surface is covered with rubber discs, some of which hold LED lighting, and others of which serve as a place to set your can of brew.

The steel-shell sub is stationed in the Baltic at Stockholm, and has already made its maiden voyage (the lucky winner was Belgian Evelyne Gridelet). No word yet on future trips. What would you do with such a slick seafaring party room?

— Danya Henninger, The Drink Nation


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