U.K. Gets Its First Insect Restaurant

Grub Kitchen in Wales specializes in edible insects
Cricket cookies

Twitter/Grub Kitchen

Cricket cookies are just one of the insect-loaded dishes on the menu at Grub Kitchen in Wales. 

Eating insects is healthful, sustainable, and reportedly tasty. Bugs might be the way of the future, but they're still a pretty niche product. Now the U.K. is getting its first specialty insect restaurant when Grub Kitchen opens in Wales next week.

According to The Telegraph, Grub Kitchen is opening next week in Pembrokeshire, in southwest Wales. Chef Andy Holcroft says his goal is to make people think about their food. He’ll almost certainly accomplish that with a menu that includes a signature burger made with toasted mealworms, crickets, sundried tomatoes, spinach, and grasshoppers.

Grub Kitchen sources its edible insects from Europe, but Holcroft says he hopes to start raising his own soon, which would make him the U.K.’s first locavore insect restaurant.

The restaurant focuses on sustainable food, and dishes include falafel, Thai curry, ice cream, cookies, and more, all with insects.

Insects might be a bit of a hard sell to some customers, but Holcroft says he realizes that not everyone is going to go crazy for a burger made of mealworms.

“I wouldn’t expect everyone to like them, in the same way I wouldn’t expect everyone to like fish or mushrooms or pork,” he said.

He’s optimistic, though, especially when it comes to younger diners.

“Kids love the edible insects,” he said. “They don’t have that fear factor.”

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