Grown Woman Gets Trapped In Grocery Cart

Riding in the grocery cart is one of the most fun parts of going to the store as a child, but that's one precious memory that should not be re-lived, as one British woman discovered this week when she got stuck in the seat of a grocery cart and had to be rescued by firefighters.

According to The Sentinel, the woman was at an Asda shopping market when she decided to climb into the child seat of one of the shopping carts. It might have seemed fun and whimsical at first, but then she got stuck. She called for help from Asda staff, but they were flummoxed. Finally, emergency services had to be called.

Firefighters responded to the emergency call and used bolt cutters to free the woman from the shopping cart. The call was quick and they left within 45 minutes. Fortunately, the woman was freed, but now she probably has to find herself a new grocery store where everybody won't remember her as, "The lady who got stuck in the child's seat of a shopping cart."