Grocery Shopping Can Make You A Multi-Millionaire

A recent grocery shopper at the Florida-based grocery chain, Publix, just became a multi-millionaire.  In Zephyrhills on Sunday, the winning Powerball ticket was purchased at Publix chain and was worth a whopping 590.5 million dollars, shocking the small town of roughly 13,000 people. The enormity of the prize belongs to a sole winner who still, has yet to come forward.

"We're kind of excited that someone bought the ticket here, but we still have work to do," says the manager of the Publix chain, quoted as only Amanda. With the potential of walking away with $370,896,780.54 in cash, press and residents continue to shop and swarm the local Publix with video cameras in hand, hoping to see the Powerball winner. Powerball tweeted "It may well be #Days or Weeks before Saturday's $590.5m @PowerballUSA winner comes forward to claim their prize..." on May 20th, giving the sole winner time to decide what they want to do with their prize before they come forward, and leaving the rest of the country waiting both jealously and impatiently.