End of Summer Grilling Recipes

Milk the last of summer's glory days with these delicious grilling recipes

Labor Day Grilling

We're approaching the end of summer — the end of being outdoors, the end of lingering, warm evenings, and most importantly, the end of grilling. 

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While there are many of us who will still take the opportunity to light up the grill late into the fall — and, heck, some of us who light it up all winter long — September marks the end of summer grilling; the end of charred corn on the cob, juicy cheeseburgers, and grill-marked seafood. To honor summer grilling and say one last farewell, The Daily Meal has gathered a few favorite grilling recipes that will help you send out the summer in style, and they're pretty easy to put together.

If you’re a traditionalist looking to spice up your cheeseburger recipe, The Sneaky Chef’s bacon and cheese stuffed burgers will give a twist to a classic favorite. For those constantly on the hunt for a new cultural find, a Thai burger and BBQ pork sandwich will appease your cravings while satisfying even those with the mildest taste buds. There’s even some sweet treats for you to grill up for dessert, so you can stand by the grill all night long. We know you’re going to miss that warm summer air paired with the smoky smell of a barbecue, and these recipes will help you savor every last moment you have with them.


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