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Grilled Figs Recipe


Grilled figs and duck on a baby spinach salad with roasted jalapeño dressing.

You can grill practically anything and everything, and I usually try. Figs are a great little accompaniment when firing up the grill. Figs are fantastic raw — sliced in half and eaten with a spritz of lemon juice. Grilled, the inside gets warm and soft, and their sweetness comes out a little more. It's a great small side, pockets of sweet flavor to complement chicken or duck. Here they accompany grilled duck, endive, and a baby spinach salad dressed with roasted jalapeño dressing.

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  • Package of fresh black mission figs


Fire up the grill so that it's nice and hot. Slice off the stems and halve. Place figs on the grill inside-down. Grill for about a minute. Flip, cook for another minute, and remove.