Grilled Buffalo Skirt Steak Recipe

Grilled Buffalo Skirt Steak Recipe
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Sometimes it's amazing what can be done with just a grill, charcoal, a hose, a fantastic piece of meat, and some great ingredients. In fact, the outcome is this delicious recipe. During what we refer to as our 'renegade BBQ,' where we literally hijacked our friend's backyard when he wasn't home to use his grill, we made this lovely dish below. (This meant that we had no access to any of the modern-day applicances that we take for granted, except for a hose.) With one cutting board, a paring knife, and a host of basic ingredients (salt, pepper, oil, herbs, and spices), we threw together this fantastic meal, which means you can recreate this on your own while camping or 'glamping.' Or, of course, you can always do it in your backyard with access to your kitchen sink (might be a little easier). Check out the other recipes we managed to make while on this renegade mission. Click here to see the Simply Grilled NY Strip recipe. Click here to see the Grilled Buffalo and Avocado Quesadillas recipe.  
Grilled Buffalo Skirt Steak  Recipe