Grilled Apricots And Ricotta On Toast And More Recipes

Check out our editors' picks for the best recipes from food sections across the country.

NY Mag
Collard greens grow in the spring and summer, too; this shaved salad should be your new kale salad.

LA Times
You can never go wrong with corn and tomato salad. Seriously.

NY Times
What happens when you combine raspberry and hazelnuts in a tart?

SF Chronicle
If only we tested dozens of popover recipes for the perfect popover.

Beautiful, tart apricots are hard to find on the East Coast, but if you're lucky enough to get yourself a good batch, broil them and top them with honey marscapone.

Chicago Tribune
Grill your avocados just a bit before mashing them into a summery grilled guacamole.

Seattle Times
Introducing: Shishito peppers, serve grilled with a hint of lemon and salt. Most of them are sweet, but once in a while you'll find a hot one.

Kitchen Daily
Rocco Dispirito shares his recipe for sausage and grilled peppers, but goes a little leaner with turkey sausage.

Portland Press Herald
Jazz up plain focaccia with a rosemary-red pepper toppiong.

Washington Post
Gin and tonics are sometimes seen as a "dad" drink, but add on some honeysuckle and a hint of grapefruit and you've got yourself a glammed-up gin and tonic.

Wall Street Journal
Mix apricots with prosciutto and ricotta by bringing it all together on grilled toast.