Grey Goose Is America's Top Vodka

The market research organization NPD Group just released their list of top vodkas according to the American consumer, and it seems like Grey Goose is the most popular.

Out of 33,750 adults surveyed, 18 percent preferred Grey Goose, followed by Absolut with 12 percent and Smirnoff with 10 percent.

Ketel One received 7 percent of the vote, while Stoli only received 5 percent.

When broken down into age ranges, however, things start getting interesting. Respondents aged 35 to 49 years old prefer Ketel One much more than anyone younger (21-34) or older (50+). Twenty-one to 23-year-olds, however, prefer Smirnoff more often than anyone older. We're just going to guess that most of those young'uns can't afford Grey Goose.

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