The Greater Boston Wine Festival

Staff Writer
What's better than a Sunday filled with wine, pizza, and chocolate.

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0


If you are from Massachusetts and like wine, you should really be excited about this weekend. Even if you aren’t from Massachusetts, this weekend is a great excuse for a road trip. The Greater Boston Wine Festival is this Sunday, July 28th, at the Marshfield Fairgrounds.

The event will feature food that traditionally pairs with wine (cheese, chocolate, pizza) and some Boston classics (seafood chowder). The Boston Wine School will also be there offering mini-seminars if you’d like to do more than just drink (come on, you know you want to brag to your friends about being as skilled as a sommelier).

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Bottles for to buy and take home range from the Boston area to New England from over fourteen wineries. Admission to the festival is $45 per person, pus a $5 banding fee. Pre-ordering tickets seems like the better option. There are two sessions to choose from, unless you want to go to both. Guests also get a wine glass, tote, and really fun Sunday.