Great Ivy League Eats

Skip the dining hall for delicious alternatives to typical collegiate fare

The Ivy League may have been founded as an athletic conference for eight prestigious Northeast schools, but it is more commonly associated with selective admissions, cutthroat academics, and top-notch education. And while Ivy League institutions may be best known for their smarts and their savvy, they also boast excellent eateries in their surrounding college towns.

While food may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re driving to visit your dream school in Rhode Island, stopping at bland roadside diners starts your prospective college career off on the wrong foot. Likewise, spending the summer hitting the books may leave less than ample time to book dinner reservations or research new restaurants for a change of pace. So we’ve constructed a list that should help you get through a university tour with your parents and a summer spent in the library.

If you think you’re stuck with a summer scarfing down pub food in Boston, think again. Drop by The Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro for Wine and Dine Mondays or Sunday brunch. Or if you’re craving authentic Italian pies in Harvard Square, Otto is your place for pizza done right.

In Philadelphia, treat yourself to the Burger of the Month at Bobby’s Burger Palace or, take Lolita up on their promise of authentic bocadios and enchiladas verdes. Their BYOT policy — bring your own tequila — is sure to keep things interesting for UPenn coeds. If Columbia’s Morningside Heights is your summer locale, reserve a table at Marcus Samuelsson’s new outpost, Red Rooster, to sample his mouth-watering comfort foods or find other students ordering scandalously cheap and tasty falafel near campus.

To maintain your competitive edge, get out your laptop and start taking notes — because we’re schooling you on the most delicious restaurants across the Ivy League.

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