The Great GoogaMooga Won't Be Coming Back To Brooklyn's Prospect Park

The Great GoogaMooga Festival began a dream and ended a nightmare. After its first day two summers ago was a complete disaster, with long lines for everything, even water, the Brooklyn, N.Y., food and music festival, which took over Prospect Park's Nethermead, was written off as a failure (even though day two went largely according to plan). Then, the last day of this year's festival was a washout, and it became clear that the Great GoogaMooga was in fact cursed. What very well might have been the final nail on its coffin was hammered in over the weekend, as the Parks Department confirmed that the event's organizers, Superfly Productions, have not been invited back to Prospect Park for a third year.

"The Great GoogaMooga was deemed to be too large and too long an event to be accommodated in the heavily used Nethermead in Prospect Park," a Parks Department representative said in a statement, according to the Daily News. "We would be happy to talk to the organizers, who have been cooperative, about the potential of this event in another smaller iteration in our public park system in the future."

Close to 100,000 people flocked to the park during the festival this year, and the lawn was basically destroyed by the swarms of people and heavy equipment. Others complained that it was illegal for a private group to close down a section of the park. No word on whether the festival will look for another open plot of land in the city to call home or call it quits, but you can't help but feel a little sorry for the organizers, who set out to bring good food and music to the masses.