Great GoogaMooga Festival Refunding Extra Mooga Tickets

Given all the complaints about the Great GoogaMooga, Superfly is refunding $250 Extra Mooga tickets
The Roots at The Great GoogaMooga Festival
Jane Bruce

The Roots at The Great GoogaMooga Festival

Given that Saturday's Great GoogaMooga was what Anthony Bourdain called a "goat fest," it seems that Superfly is making amends by offering full refunds on all Extra Mooga tickets, worth about $250 each plus a service charge.

Superfly co-founder Jon Mayers tells us that about 2,000 Extra Mooga tickets were sold, so Superfly will have to cough up some $500,000 in refunds if everyone requests their money back.

"These are the people who believed in us," Mayers told us. "These were the people who spent $250 on tickets, and we want them to know that we appreciate them, we’re going to learn from this, and the consumer is first."

There wasn't much of a discussion about whether they would give refunds, Mayers said. "We didn’t deliver on the promise that we made, and we’re the type of company that does deliver," he told us. "We felt there was really only one choice."

Superfly plans to return to Prospect Park next year (they're in it for the long haul, Mayers said) with a couple of improvements, including pricing, line management, and quantity of food.

"It wasn’t overnight that Bonnaroo and Outside Lands were well-oiled machines, as much as we want them to be," Mayers said. "These are big projects with a lot of logistics, but our intentions are good. We’re making an investment. This isn't just about doing one and being done."

Check out details for the refund at the Great GoogaMooga web site, plus our recap of the event here.