Great American Beer Festival Brews Special Beer for Winners

The Colorado Brewers Guild will create an exclusive beer made with a Rocky Mountain favorite

The winning brewers will get an exclusive beer from the Colorado Brewer's Guild.

There's a lot to look forward to at the Great American Beer Festival coming up in Denver, and brewers have something even more exciting to look forward to. Winners of the GABF awards will receive not just a medal, but an exclusive brew made by the Colorado Brewers Guild.

Westword reports that award-winning brewers will receive a 22-ounce bottle of Porter's Pride during the awards ceremony on Oct. 12. And what makes it special? A Colorado favorite: the beer is brewed with 200 pounds of dark chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate. (Can you say awesome?) 

Of course, it's only for the brewers. But don't worry, you regular folk gong to GABF: there's about 2,700 beers to choose from the 580 brewers attending the beer festival. 


(Photo Modified: Flickr/Daniel Spiess)