Grapes On Pizza

We share a mutual love of pizza here on B&B. And while Brownie is a quick bus ride away from Di Fara, I'm within walking distance of Paulie Gee's. A few weeks ago, after stopping by the opening party for Brooklyn Grange's new Greenpoint space, a friend and I moseyed on over to Paulie's and found grapes on pizza! Dudes, it was good!

There are now grapes in two different forms on two new pies: The Grapeful Dead (top photo) and the King Harry the IV (this photo). The Dead has baby spinach, olive oil, mild Gouda, shaved parmigiano reggiano, and pickled red grape halves. The King Harry has Italian tomatoes, provolone, beef meatballs, cremini mushrooms, and golden raisins. Both pies were delicious. The raisins added a sweet component to the King Harry that both of us enjoyed, though we did wish there were more mushrooms. But the Grapeful Dead was the winner. The pickled grapes led to a unique sweet tart flavor and interesting texture that we adored. If you're a fan of trying something just a little bit different, I highly recommend it.

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