The Grand Hyatt Sued For Kitchen Harassment

According to the New York Daily News, a female kitchen worker at the Grand Hyatt New York is serving the hotel with a lawsuit claiming co-workers made her life miserable, as she was the target of unwanted physical contact and verbal abuse.

The alleged victim, Alva belter Morillo, also claims that management looked the other way and chose not to stop to the misbehavior, and she has been afraid to report the abuse until this point because "One co-worker threatened to hire a hit man to kill her and another vowed to 'beat her up' if they lost their jobs because she complained," according to the Daily News. Morillo allegedly put up with the abuse for so long both out of pure fear and because she is the sole support for a teenage son and needed a job, regardless of mistreatment.

The lawsuit includes allegations about the hotel's sous chef, supervisor, and multiple other colleagues leaving scalding hot plates for her to pick up and placing their hands in her pants while she was at work. The spokeswoman for the Grand Hyatt would not comment on the pending litigation, so we will see how justice is served when the Manhattan Supreme Court hears the case.