Grace Coddington Featured On Vogue's "Elettra's Goodness"

Grace Coddington, creative director of American Vogue, is featured in an episode of the mini video series "Elettra's Goodness," hosted by Elettra Wiedemann, a model with a love of good food (and with a pop-up restaurant already under her belt).

In "Elettra's Goodness," Wiedemann visits stars—others include Blake Lively and Seth Meyers—in their home kitchens to share conversation and a meal.

Coddington shares her recipes for her favorite steak and Potatoes Dauphinois with Wiedemann and viewers, and the two cook together as Wiedemann peppers Coddington with questions about her experience as a model, and laughingly accuses her of being messy in the kitchen (a remark to which Coddington smiled, neither confirming nor denying its truth).

While making the Potatoes Dauphinois, a rich gratin dish that Coddington suggests "any Vogue person shouldn't be making because it's incredibly bad for you," she expresses how much she likes to cook with someone.

While the potatoes are in the oven, the two prepare the steak, which Coddington favors for its simplicity. "I like a grilled steak," she says.