Gourmet Take Out Between the Bread

Between the Bread is gourmet take out at its finest

The shop has perfected lunch since 1979 when Ricky Eisen set up shop in Lower Manhattan.

Between the Bread needs no introduction if you work in Midtown Manhattan. There's no time to prepare healthy lunches everyday that successfully compete with temptations lining every block laden with empty carbs and saturated fats like pizza, burritos, and Chinese.

Between the Bread is gourmet take out at its finest perfected since 1979 when chef/owner Ricky Eisen set up shop in Lower Manhattan. After 9/11 she operates this one eatery out of 145 W 55th Street but remains Manhattan’s most prestigious corporate caterer. The brains behind this thriving healthy fast food mecca, Eisen has appeared on numerous shows like Good Morning America, The Apprentice, and Today Show while earning a coveted 4.5 star Yelp rating.

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For the uninitiated, lunchtime at Between the Bread most always involves waiting in line on the street. But everything moves quickly once you get inside the door and start checking out their staggering array of penne pastas, whole grain and legume salads with combinations like barley with green peas, quinoa and corn, grilled veggies and meats showcased behind glass. Pans brim with several varieties of fresh baked vegan muffins. You get served with rapid fire expediency and regular customers waste no time pondering. But take comfort in the fact that you really won't go wrong with anything you pick.