'Gossip Girl' Parties by the Season Slideshow

Season 1

Blair’s 17th Birthday Party

In "Seventeen Candles," a birthday bash is hosted by Serena van der Woodsen. The celebration was held at an Upper East Side loft that was filled with sushi chefs rolling out maki rolls and sashimi, and Harajuku-styled waitresses serving sake martinis. Guests entertained themselves with a Guitar Hero tournament. At midnight, a three-tiered, sparkler-clad cake was displayed for the birthday girl.

The Masquerade Ball

In an episode entitled, "The Handmaiden's Tale," everyone was required to come in full Victorian garb and masks to the masquerade ball, which was held at New York City’s Gotham Hall. The décor baroque in style, with elaborate silver goblets filled with elaborate floral arrangements and tables set with heaping piles of aperitifs.

Cotillion Ball

In the episode entitled "Hi, Society," a tried and true tradition on the Upper East Side is portrayed: cotillion, where debutantes must enter into society by presenting themselves as ladies. That elaborate entrance includes an escort, a choreographed dance, and a formal soirée with champagne, a five course dinner, and white-glove service.

Season 2

White Party

In "Summer Kind of Wonderful," the gang went to the Hamptons, where everyone who's anyone on the Upper East Side goes to summer, apparently. The most coveted invite of the season is one to the annual White Party, which was hosted by Vitamin Water. Though it’s mandatory to attend in only the clean shade, there were colored cocktails inspired by the drink on the menu as well as light bites.  

Snowflake Ball

The annual winter bash for Constance Billard's and St. Jude’s students played homage to a winter wonderland. While we know guests were dresses in shades of blue, silver, and white, we’re unsure of the menu. Here’s a winter-inspired menu to pair with the festivities.


In "Valley Girls," the group heads to prom, which is a little more than your average end-of-high-school extravaganza — their prom featured couture gowns, presidential suite after-parties, and long tables decorated with bountiful feather and palm centerpieces adorned with tiers of colorful bites such as tarts, macarons, and crostini. Post-prom festivities included cocktails at the Plaza’s Oak Room and a graduation brunch at the van der Woodsen loft. 

Season 3

Polo Lunch

After a long summer, everyone headed to a polo match in Greenwich. While the game was in full swing, guests dined at tables under a white tent and ate afternoon tea and brunch fare including tea sandwiches, salads, and scones while sipping Veuve Clicquot.

NYU Bashing

In "The Freshman," Blair decides to throw a sushi soirée to win over her new classmates with rolls, sashimi, and seaweed salads, and she enlisted the help of a masseuse to alleviate freshman stress. Georgina also hosts a classic college party on the rooftop of a building — complete with kegs, red cups, and pizza.

Rufus and Lily’s Wedding

An outdoor affair, this wedding during "Rufus Getting Married" was a bit more casual and cozy, with the entire bridal party, including the bride, wearing bright colors. The new trend of food and drink bars was on display with different cocktails and signature drinks set in large glass canisters, and there was also a fruit-adorned wedding cake. 

Season 4

Parisian Treats

While there were no official parties attended in Paris, there might have well been off-camera since both Blair and Serena were off gallivanting in the chicest of restaurants in the most coveted outfits. The duo dined at the uber-chic Café de Flore for lunch as well as Café Louis Philippe, Blair indulges in a macaron and tea at the Ladurée tea salon, and the girls double-date at the crystal room at Baccarat. Not too bad for two young gals in Paris, right?

Pink Party

To raise awareness for breast cancer, Lily Humphrey hosts a Pink Party where all things, from food to drink to wardrobe, were adorned in the warm hue. Guests sipped on rosé wine and ate pastel-colored pastries as they celebrated the cause.

Valentine’s Day

Decadence was the word at Chuck’s Valentine’s Day fundraiser at a secluded mansion. A feast for the eyes, the concept was based on a bacchanalia, with tremendous silver platters serving prime meats, cheeses, and seasonal vegetables as well as champagne, wine, and fruits. For $2,500 a head, it better be decadent.

Saints and Sinners

While Chuck was hosting a "Saints and Sinners" bash to uphold his reputation as a bad-boy billionaire fit with all of the racy lingerie and saintly dresses, Blair hosted a small gathering of socialites in order to join an exclusive club. On the menu was classic fare from John Delucie’s The Lion: lobster pot pie, risotto, and arugula salads.

Season 5

Blair’s Bridal Shower

At the Breakfast at Tiffany’s-themed bash, Serena embraced her role of maid of honor, decorating the entire space to look like a sea of Tiffany blue boxes. Guests received a Tiffany necklace as a favor, except for one guest who was lucky enough to win a diamond ring — this was all after eating a Tiffany-box cake, of course.

A British Salon

In honor of their coming out as a couple, Blair and Dan, put on a British-themed salon personally catered by chef April Bloomfield at the Humphrey loft. There was most definitely pork on the menu, that’s for sure.

Divorce Party

The fifth season ended where the first season began — at a Shepherd event. In the first season, the Shepherds got married. During the finale, they hosted a divorce party, complete with a wedding cake sliced directly down the center with a bride and groom cake topper going in opposite directions — very fitting.