Gordon Ramsay Sues Publicist Over Hacked Emails

Remember when Gordon Ramsay won £250,000 from his father-in-law over some hacked emails? Well, the shouty celebrity chef is bringing a celebrity publicist into the fray.

Ramsay claims that Phil Hall, a celebrity publicist and former News of the World editor, was in working with Ramsay's father in law, Chris Hutcheson, to sell information about Ramsay.

Hall allegedly received private information concerning Ramsay from Hutcheson, information that was obtained illegally through hacking Ramsay's email. Hall then sold the information to the Daily Mail.

Ramsay claims Hall leaked information about Ramsay's shark-fishing trip, as well as information about Ramsay's hair transplant (wait, what?).

"[Ramsay] had always suspected that someone had leaked to the press that he had had a hair transplant ... [Hall] is behind the hair transplant story as well," Ramsay's lawyers said. "It is admitted by Mr. Hall that he was behind the hair transplant story."

Of course, Hall's lawyers are claiming that he knew nothing about the illegal ways the information was provided, but Ramsay is still charging for "breach of private information, breach of confidence, breach of copyright, and conspiracy." Wow, it's been a big week for celebrity chef lawsuits.