Gordon Ramsay Signs £1 Million Deal With Channel 4

Gordon Ramsay may not have received tons of positive press lately, but the shouty chef has signed on to return to UK's Channel 4 for £1 million (about $1.56 million) for a year.

Just as his season of Gordon Behind Bars premieres, Ramsay and the team will reportedly be working on three new shows for the station. However, sources say that The F Word will not be returning. (In the Sun's words, "it has been banished to the deep freeze, never to return."

Whether or not the new concepts will be similar to Ramsay's stateside Hotel Hell has not been discussed, although it seems like Ramsay going travel isn't all that promising. Also on the chopping block: Gordon's Great Escape, where the chef travels around the world and examines cultures and cooking. Perhaps he really will participate in the Simon Cowell food competition show. Here's to another year of Ramsay in the press.

Jessica Chou is an Associate Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.