Gordon Ramsay to School Bradley Cooper for 'Chef' Film

Not to be confused with Jon Favreau's film 'Chef'
Gordon Ramsay to Consult on 'Chef' | Bradley Cooper
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Well, if Bradley Cooper's film Chef wants an edge over Jon Favreau's Chef, both of which are presenting at the Cannes International Film Festival and deal with a chef looking for a second chance, it may just have that in the form of Gordon Ramsay.

The Sun reports that Ramsay has been talking about consulting on the film, as he and Cooper are both signed to LA"s Creative Artists Agency. Cooper, who is starring as a Parisian chef Adam Jones who is trying to get clean and open a three-Micehlin-star restaurant, will then be getting some cooking classes from the chef.

"Gordon’s going to be giving Bradley a crash-course in cookery and teaching him some flash tricks like knife-work so Bradley looks like an experienced chef," a source told The Sun.


Of course, Ramsay may just get a cameo in the film as well; he is a television star after all. Your move, Jon Favreau.