Thai Chef Scorns Gordon Ramsay's Pad Thai In Viral Video

Gordon Ramsay has built a media empire out of yelling at chefs that their food is terrible, and that's why there's something extremely satisfying about watching Ramsay on the receiving end of a harsh culinary critique. This week the Internet uncovered a clip of Ramsay getting a harsh review nine years ago from a Thai chef who did not like his take on a classic Thai dish, and the Internet couldn't get enough of it.

The clip that started going viral this week is from a 2009 episode of the UK version of Ramsay's show "The F Word." The clip resurfaced when a Twitter user going by the handle @sydneeW_ posted it last week, and everybody got to experience the magical moment as though it were brand new.

The episode of Ramsay's show was about Thai restaurants, and as part of the proceedings, Ramsay made pad thai for some Buddhist monks — first taking his interpretation of the famed stir-fried noodle dish to the executive chef at the then-top London Thai restaurant Blue Elephant (now closed) for his opinion.

Chef Chang — as he is always identified, even within the Blue Elephant chain — was not a fan of Ramsay's take on the dish, which included king prawns, tamarind paste, and peanuts. The look on Chang's face when he tasted it was positively withering.

"What do you want to know from me?" Chang asks.

"Well ... how is it?" Ramsay replies.

Chang gives a little head shake, and it's clear that he's not impressed.

"It's not pad thai at all," he declares, before explaining to Ramsay what the specialty is supposed to taste like.

"I think that doesn't taste too bad," Ramsay says. "For you, not for me," Chang answers.

Twitter's response was swift and hilarious.

Watching Gordon Ramsay hear chef Chang insult his pad thai was a treat. For more fun stories that will make your day, check out the most inspiring food stories of the last year.