Gordon Ramsay Earned Fox Some $185 Million In The Last Year

Gordon Ramsay might have a little lawsuit problem, but the fact is that the shouty chef is making tons of money for Fox. The most recent show from Ramsay? Masterchef Junior, a much nicer version of MasterChef with kids, is premiering Sept. 27, and is already commanding ad rates higher than a premium 8 p.m. spot (MasterChef Junior premieres at 10 p.m.).

AdWeek crunched all these numbers from Fox's ad rates, concluding that Ramsay's projects alone command some $157.6 million in ad sales in the last year (not including MasterChef Junior ads). AdWeek also estimates that MasterChef Junior has brought in $29.2 million in advance commitments, upping the amount to $185 million since August 2012.

Word is, Ramsay's four programs each ask for a little more than $100,000 for a 30-second ad spot; MasterChef is one of the top-rated shows of the season, outperforming CBS' Big Brother and just behind NBC's America's Got Talent, AdWeek reports. Check out MasterChef Junior's promo here; kids are pretty cute, so this might stick around like the rest of Ramsay's shows.