Google Will Soon Deliver Your Groceries, Too

Google Shopping Express will offer same-day delivery


As more of our shopping is done online, and more of our time spent online is on Google, the inevitable is beginning to happen: the company is in the early stages of planning something called Google Shopping Express, where users can do their shopping for groceries, toiletries, and the like through the internet giant, then get them delivered the same day.

The service is currently recruiting merchants to partner with, and Walgreen’s and Target has already signed on, according to the AP. They’ll sell products through a central Google site, and purchased items will be delivered by couriers in Google trucks, wearing Google-branded uniforms.

The pilot program will be launched sometime soon in the San Francisco suburbs, and if it’s a success it might very well be rolled-out nationally.

Competitors including Amazon and eBay have been struggling with lengthy delivery wait times, going so far as to partner with companies like Wal-Mart in order to offer same-day delivery, and orders from grocery delivery services like Fresh Direct frequently take at least a couple days to arrive.


As to whether same-day delivery can ever be profitable, that remains to be seen. But for a company as eager to be at the technological vanguard as Google, that’s a risk that’s worth taking.