Golden Corral Food Poisoning Sickens 167

Nearly 200 diners near Casper, Wyo., were affected by food poisoning last week, and the main culprit is the area's Golden Corral.

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The rapidly expanding North Carolina-based chain is best known for its buffets, which have long been known as prime targets for foodborne illness. The restaurant recently opened, according to the New York Daily News, and closed down Thursday, Dec. 13, after 167 people reported symptoms of norovirus (aka the stomach flu), which inflames the stomach and intestines and is spread by eating contaminated food or touching contaminated surfaces.

While it hasn't been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the Golden Corral is to blame, it would be quite the coincidence if it just happened to be where all the affected people ate.

The restaurant was back open on Friday, Dec. 14, after a thorough scrubbing, according to reports.

This isn't Golden Corral's first brush with food poisoning, but it is its most serious. Back in 2003, a Georgia outpost was responsible for infecting 23 with salmonella.