The Godfather Of Breakfast Tacos

If there's ever a day of the year on which perfect hangover-cure food is essential it's New Year's Day. That, at least, is the occasion which led me to the not-so-secret gem that is Juan in a Million, and to its legendary "Don Juan" breakfast taco. 

It's a beast to be sure, the kind of mammoth portion that inevitably leads to refrains of "everything's bigger in Texas." Piping hot pieces of seasoned potato, fluffy scrambled eggs, and bacon, smothered with melted cheese and placed in a soft flour tortilla that can barely contain it. Just make sure to douse it in hot sauce before you attempt to pick it up (and good luck with that). 

Hangover or not, it's boss — the breakfast taco that all others should be judged against. And for $3.80, you might as well go ahead and have two.