In Miami, Go For Sandwiches, Stay For The Salad

At a place named "La Sandwicherie" you'd think that your order would be clear and obvious. And it very well can be. The sandwiches at this popular French-owned sandwich shop have been a favorite among Miami Beach locals since 1988. But the key component — the famous vinaigrette — finds an equally happy home on their off-the-menu chicken and turkey salad.

It's a behe-"mouth" of a salad, health-conscious, but with enough going on to keep it interesting to more than just the bikini-clad set. A dome of mayonnaise-laced chicken salad tops a massive bed of lettuce garnished with slices of turkey, shredded carrots, olives, tomatoes, onions, cornichons, and red peppers. Then, of course, to bring it all together is the vinaigrette — tangy, creamy, and with a kick.

You may have to save half of the salad for later, but the better suggestion would be to take home a bottle of the dressing so you can recreate the experience at home.