Go Down South At Morgan's Brooklyn BBQ

Great dining options on Flatbush Avenue used to be few and far between, until the "Barclays Effect" began... Now, countless restaurants are popping up on blocks walking distance from the Barclays Center, offering pre- and post- show eats as well as fantastic neighborhood hangouts.

At the top of our list for this summer is Morgan's Brooklyn Barbecue, a year-old Southern barbecue restaurant with Brooklyn flare and Deep South flavors that tickle your tongue on the hottest of days.

Cars whisk down Flatbush as you sit at shaded outdoor picnic tables or even in a rocking chair that characterize the spacious restaurant.  Cool down with some homemade sweet tea, or opt for a spiked version with bourbon, as you wait for some epic barbecue. 

Available by the quarter pound, chose between fatty or lean brisket, turkey, chicken, or ribs, all of which is smoked over oak, which the pitmaster supervises all night to ensure the best flavor.  Morgan's spicy BBQ sauce is the perfect condiment to their tender meats, and the roll of paper towels at each table should not go untouched. 

In addition to meats, the sides and starters at Morgan's are truly enough to make a meal.  Start with a Frito Pie, an open bag of corn chips topped with a heap of beef chili, sour cream, and scallions or go for the queso, a melted cheese accompanied by nacho chips for dipping.  The baked potatoes stuffed with meat are an excellent addition to a meal, or perhaps even a meal in themselves.  

On the side of your meats, be sure to order the corn with cotija cheese, a version of Mexican elote, and the gooey mac and cheese by Brooklyn's Elbow Room. The corn bread is incredibly fluffy and a tad sweet, an ideal substance to soak up the extra sauce on your plate.  

For dessert, the homemade key lime pie comes served in a personal tin, made with crisp graham cracker crust and a juicy lime filling. 

With meats and sweets, Morgan's has you all set for an ideal summer meal!