Gluten free recipe from the new cookbook "In the Land of Misfit, Pirates and Cooks".



Charolette Amaile Wahoo -

a Caribbean-influenced gluten free recipe.

Serves: 6  

Chef Michael Bennett says this is a simply elegant gluten free dish and its depth in taste equals that of the port for which it is named. The port of Charoltte Amaile (St Thomas U.S.V.I.) is deep enough for the Queen Mary 2 (largest steamliner in the world) to be docked. 

    The gluten-free recipe calls for Wahoo but, chef Michael Bennett says you can also substitute Mahi Mahi or Cobia. Both are great locally caught fish that is extremely popular in Miami. This sauce is a glaze to be "mopped" over the fillet of Wahoo as it cooks on a wood-fire grill. Chef Michael gives us this recipe to highlight some of the Gluten-free recipes in his new cookbook "In the Land of Misfits, Pirates and Cooks". 



3 lbs.           Wahoo, evenly divided into 6 portions

1/2 cup       Caramel mop, see recipe below

As needed   Salt and white pepper, 5:1 ratio-mixed

2 tbs.          Thai peanut sauce dry mix, found in Asian markets

1 cup          Plantain chips, found in Latino grocery markets

As needed   Oil

3 cup          Yucca pieces, 1/2 inch chopped, blanched in boiling salted water

1 each        Red bell pepper, roasted and chopped roughly

1 each        Shallot, chopped

2 each        Garlic kernels, finely chopped

2 bunch      Pencil asparagus, blanched in salted water



Dust the wahoo with a little of the salt and pepper mixture. Let rest in the refrigerator, while you are doing the other parts of this recipe. Grind the plantains into a meal with a food processor. Add in the Thai peanut sauce base mixture. Mix well. 

     Over hot coals, grill the wahoo fillet for 3 minutes per 1 inch of thickness on one side and then flip and cook 3 minutes more on the other side, glazing with the caramel mop as it cooks.  Coat with the Thai peanut-plantain mixture on the top of the fillets of wahoo after the second side is cooked.  Keep in a warm oven.

     Next, saute the shallots and garlic quickly, add the yucca and continue to cook about three minutes. Toss in the peppers and saute (”to jump”) to distribute them in the pan. Press the yucca into a 4 or 5 inch ring mold in the center of the plate. Remove the mold and set the wahoo on top. Encircle this presentation with more of the caramel mop sauce. Arrange the asparagus around the yucca, pointing out to the edges of the plate like the hands of a clock. 


Second part of recipe:

Caramel Mop

Serves:  25

One of my favorite “mops” for grilled NY strip steaks and richly flavored fish fillets like mahi mahi, wahoo, escolar and even salmon.



12 oz.  Coca-Cola, reduced to a syrup

4 oz.   Espresso

4 oz.    Garlic, roasted, chopped

6 oz.   Shallots, chopped

2 oz.   Apple juice concentrate

3 oz.   Kahlua liquor

3 oz.   GF Soy sauce

2 oz.   Balsamic vinegar

1 oz.   Frangelico liquor

1 oz.   Triple sec

5 oz.   Pick a peppa sauce, see weblink QR code

2 tbs.  Black pepper

2 tbs.  Seasalt

2 tbs.   Xanthan Gum



In a small pan, bring 12 oz. of Coca-Cola to a boil and let this volume reduce by 2/3. Add the next 10 items to the pot and let simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and cool. Place in a food processor and grind well until everything is pulverized into a slurry. Add the thickener slowly to this mix and place in a squirt bottle. 


To use:

Drizzle this “mop” (sauce) over top any grilled poultry, pork, beef or baby back rib and brush all around the food as it is cooking atop the grill.