Gluten-Free Potato And Zucchini Pancakes Recipe

Gluten-Free Potato And Zucchini Pancakes Recipe
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As part a personal health program (read weight loss), I've been trying to eat more vegan and low- or no-meat and non-dairy meals and eliminating wheat. I've experimented with a lot of delicious recipes in the process including this gluten and dairy free recipe that I created for potato and zucchini pancakes. The first time I made it was last summer with locally grown veggies — zucchini, potatoes, onion and parsley — and New York grown and milled corn meal flour from Cayuga Pure Organics in upstate New York. Corn meal is a delicious substitute for wheat flour or bread crumbs which are typically found in potato pancakes. Despite all good intentions to serve these as a vegan dish, I used sizzling butter in the pan to make a crispy and sinfully buttery pancake. If you prefer, use olive oil for a dairy-free version of this wheat- and gluten-free recipe.