Glögg Recipe

We head to Aquavit to learn the techniques behind this Scandinavian classic
Glogg Recipe

We head to Aquavit for this traditional Scandinavian drink

Ali Rosen


Watch the video above to learn the technique, and for Aquavit's full recipe see below:

2 bottles dry red wine
1/2 bottle oport wine
1 cup vodka
1/2 pound dried figs, sliced
1/2 pound raisins
2 oranges, peeled into ribbons and juiced
8 ounces light brown sugar
2 star anise
4 long peppers
5 cloves
7 cardamom pods
3 cinnamon sticks


Place all ingredients in a large pot and bring mixture to a simmer, stirring from time to time. Remove from heat and allow glögg to macerate for 2 hours. Strain when ready to use, reheat and serve with blanched almonds, raisins, and pepparkakor (ginger snaps) on the side.
Serves 8-10