Give Me The Finger


So you want to own a restaurant? Apparently Paul Abrahamian did, so he gave the finger to his bosses at a Latin American venture capital fund in order to become CEO of Sticky's Finger Joint on 8th Street near 6th Avenue in Manhattan, where customers line up so Paul can give them...the Finger.

These fingers, of course, are of the locally sourced organic chicken variety — and they come grilled, baked or fried. Taking his cue from Asian street food hawkers, Sticky's makes only one thing, but boy does he make this dish right. The specialty of the house is enhanced by a variety of seasonings, preparations, homemade sauces, and slaws alongside some great looking sides (like sweet or white potato hand-cut fries with truffle oil).

At the grand opening last week, Paul was running around as the line snaked out the door, giving away free slaw and sauce samples (the eponymous white "sticky" sauce is especially good). The point of sale (POS) system indeed proved itself to truly be a POS as the fry guys in the back knew they were in the "weeds". But the lovely counter girl didn't miss a beat and immediately started taking orders by hand. People didn't seem to mind the wait while drinking old fashioned Cokes from glass bottles or sampling Paul's secret organic house made "bug juice".

The cold drinks soothed the temperature and spicy heat of the made to order fried wasabi dredged and seasoned chicken fingers "decorated" with some glam colored seaweed. These ain't no chicken nuggets but do appeal to your inner child. So head on down to Sticky's and ask 'em to give you the Finger. You'll be glad you did.