Girl Scout Cookie Pop-Up Shops in New York City

For a limited time, you can buy Girl Scout cookies at select locations in New York City
Girl Scout Cookie Pop-Up Shops in New York City
Facebook/Girl Scouts of America

If you live in New York City, you can stock up on Girl Scout cookies at a few pop-up shops.

From now until May 8th, Girl Scout Cookie pop-up shops are open around New York City. If you’ve already depleted your supply of Thin Mints or your local fourth grader Girl Scout is kind of a bully, here’s a chance for those of you in the metropolitan area to get your fix.

There are currently three open locations where you can pick your favorite cookies: in Manhattan at the Girl Scouts of Greater New York Office on West 23rd Street (which is dangerously and amazingly close to The Daily Meal office), in Queens at the Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, and in Staten Island at the Staten Island Service Center.

The fourth location at the Brooklyn Cookie Cupboard is closed until further notice due to “unexpected circumstances.” A cookie stampede, perhaps? We may never know, but hopefully it will be back open before May.

If you don’t live in New York City, we’ve still got you covered! Check out our detailed slideshow of How to Make Girl Scout Cookies at Home, with detailed recipes. For those of you of drinking age, we’ve even got this compilation of Drinks that Taste Just Like Girl Scout Cookies. We'll never forget you, Girl Scout Cookies. 

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