The Gin Joint: The Best Cocktail Bar in Charleston

The Best Cocktail Bar in Charleston

Someone get us to the south, stat. One of Charleston’s most popular cocktail bars, the Gin Joint, offers a wide selection for every palate.

The joint boasts a menu of different snacks including snacks, cheeses, and desserts and even has a pretty impressive Sunday brunch menu full of Southern favorites. But, the most exciting thing on their menu seems to be the cocktails.

Sorted into categories like “Farm Fresh” and “The Bitter, The Better,” the cocktails are varied and unique to the bar, made of simple fresh ingredients. Some of the most interesting are the “Cornflower Fizz,” made up of gin, lemon, cornflower, sugar and egg whites and the “Maiden’s Mule,” composed of gin, Elixir No. 3, Ginger Tincture and House Cosmos Water.

Another unique thing about the bar is their “Bartender’s Choice” option, which lets the customer pick two words such as “refreshing,” “fruit,” or “unusual” and they will concoct your perfect drink.

Don’t be fooled, though. The staff can also make any of your favorite cocktails, and adds seasonal cocktails frequently because they “get inspired by the seasons and have fine-tuned the drinks on our current menu to be able to best represent (their) product and style,” according to their website.  

182 E Bay St
Charleston, SC 29401
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