Giant Panda Caught Stealing Honey

Villagers caught a panda stealing honey, but they decided to just let him have it

A giant panda was spotted raiding a village's beehives to steal all the honey, but the people thought it was pretty cool.

Some villagers in China were pleasantly surprised this week when they discovered that the bear stealing all their honey was not just any bear, it was a rare and beautiful giant panda. The panda was raiding their beehives and eating up all the honey in a very bear-like fashion, but the villagers decided they did not care, because being visited by a giant panda was cool enough to be worth the lost honey.

According to Shanghaiist, the panda is a wild panda that wandered out of the forest on Tuesday and into a village in Sichuan, where it found that the villagers had been keeping several large beehives. The bear made itself at home and started digging in.

Villagers spotted the panda right away, because pandas are enormous and black and white and don’t exactly blend in with the surroundings. A large crowd showed up to take pictures, but the panda did not appear bothered by the attention.


The villagers alerted the authorities to make sure the panda did not come to any harm while visiting the village, but the panda stuck around long enough to eat the contents of 10 beehives, then sauntered off on its own.