Get To Know JOHNNYSWIM: The Husband And Wife Duo That Is About To Take The Music Scene By Storm

As husband and wife, Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano finish each other's sentences, eagerly compliment one another, and still easily laugh together. Making music under the name Johnnyswim, the musical two are magnetic—their vocals perfectly matched—they ebb and flow through harmonies so flawlessly, you wonder why they haven't been singing together all their lives.

A mixture of folk, pop and soul, Johnnyswim can't be neatly packaged into one genre of music. But their sound has been compared to bands such as The Civil Wars (their earlier happy days, of course), and it may even be suggested that their vocals closely resemble what Lauryn Hill and John Mayer might sound like if they recorded together.

Shortly after they had met in 2005, the couple started the band and debuted their EP in 2008 followed by 2013's Heart Beats EP. Releasing their first LP on April 29 entitled Diamonds, the couple shared with us what it took to get to this point, what this record means to them and even colored our conversations with a few personal details about themselves.