Get To Know Chefs At Taste Of Atlanta

Starting Oct. 6, Atlanta culinary culture will get an inside look into the city's restaurant culture with the 11th annual Taste of Atlanta festival, highlighting the talents of Hotlanta's best and brightest culinary mavens. In addition to the festival's popular cooking demos and tasting tents, this will mark the third year of "Inside the Food Studio," an in-depth adventure into the world of a professional chef (minus the back-breaking physical demands).

The nine events are spread across two days, and include discussions on gardening, breakfast, and food shopping. Two events in particular — "The Offal Truth" and "Condiments to the Chef" — are sure to be big draws, as food culture continues to explore the daring and bizarre.

General admission tickets are $25, with VIP tickets set at $75 (the difference being a steady stream of cocktails for the primo ticket holders). Luckily, no matter what your price range, you're still guaranteed a taste from more than 80 different restaurants in the Atlanta area. Any way you slice it, that's a pretty good deal.