Get Energized and Ready for Exams!

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Get Energized and Ready for Exams!

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It’s that time of the semester when you start to realize that your first big exams are only days away. For most, midterms usually mean more studying and even more stressing. But what students seem to lack during midterms is enough energy to keep up with all their exams. There’s nothing worse than working all night memorizing the elements only to have your head periodically hit the table when taking your exam. Being too tired to remember everything you studied for shouldn’t stop you from getting the grade you deserve.

To give you (and hopefully your grades) a boost, here are few tips to stay energized during midterms:

Fuel up at breakfast

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Skipping the most important meal of the day is never a good idea. Enjoy a breakfast full of whole grains, dairy, protein and fresh fruit to fuel your body for the busy day ahead. With all the energy you get from this morning meal, you’ll be able to stay focused on every question on your exam.

Careful with caffeine
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Photo by Hannah Lin

After staying up until 3 am, most students gulp down coffee like Starbucks that is given away for free. However, overloading on caffeine early in the day means you’re more likely to crash later. Avoid the mind numbing headache that comes with a coffee coma by pacing yourself. You can even try switching to green tea, which is a healthy and natural alternative to coffee.

Snack smart
Go nuts

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Of course you’re going to get hungry in between exams, so when your stomach starts to growl make sure you reach for snacks like nuts, which are full of protein that your body uses for energy.

Pick berries

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Strawberries and blueberries are also energizing snacks because they are filled with antioxidants that naturally boost energy.

Eat your veggies

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Refreshing vegetables like cucumbers, carrots and other leafy greens are chop full of vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant to increase energy and strengthen your immune system.

Helpful Hydration

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Drinking a few glasses of water the night before your exam and throughout the day helps your body stay hydrated so you feel more refreshed and focused when it’s test time.

With all your new found energy, we hope nothing stops you from doing the best you can on your midterms.


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