Get Drunk and Save the Environment, Courtesy of New York's Royalton Hotel

Earth Day celebrations continue with locally sourced cocktails

The Tai Basil drink gives a portion of its profits to GrowNYC.

Get drunk for the environment? That's a cause we can get behind. New York City bartenders at the Royalton Hotel had the same idea in mind, and created a locally-sourced cocktail to keep the Earth Day awareness going.

After visiting the Union Square Farmers Market last week, the bartenders of Royalton's Fourty Four bar grabbed local and organic ingredients — like Berkshire Berries "Onion Jam" and Red Jacket Orchard’s Apricot Stomp — to create an Earth Day cocktail menu. Now, they're selling their environment-inspired drinks through the end of the month, with a portion of proceeds benefitting GrowNYC, a nonprofit dedicated to eco efforts in New York. 

Check out their recipe for the Tai Basil below, and stop by the bar to grab an Earth-friendly cocktail — it's never too late to support the environment (with booze). 

Tai Basil

• 2 ounces Denizen rum

• ½ ounce of Red Jacket Orchard’s Apricot Stomp

• 4 basil leaves

• ½ ounce orgeat syrup

• ½ ounce lime juice


1. Add apricot, basil, orgeat, and lime
2. Shake and double-strain into tiki glass
3. Add crushed ice