Get Dad What He Really Wants This Father's Day

Dad doesn't want that tie for Father's Day. No, really, he doesn't. 

According to a recent survey by Tech Bargains, an onilne retailer, fathers everywhere are dishing on the good and bad of Father's Day gifts. When it's the night before the big day, move pass the silk and plaid neck accessory and look a bit further to, perhaps, the gadgets.

All dads love gadgets, apparently. 48% of fathers claimed a tech gift was what they wanted most, while no gift came in at second with 20%, and food trailing in at third with 8%. 

Another statistic for you—Dad would rather have dinner with the whole family rather than hang in his man cave. 87% claimed it was more important, thank goodness for morals! 

Also, while 8% only ask for it, 13% of men will receive food products as gifts! That's is not a whole lot people! 

In order to nix this and get things going: here's what we suggest at The Daily Meal for a tech-savvy, dinner loving Dad: 

  • Cook Dad the meal of his life: we're thinking a grilling bonanza, or a clam bake, or even a traditional Italian feast. 
  • Chip in to get your father an iPad (84% want one instead of going golfing at Pebble Beach) and fill it with tons of apps, especially recipe apps like ours! 
  • Lastly, when Dad opens his gift, have him take photos of the amazing cake and desserts that you prepared for him. We're gunning for a food photographer, as you can probably tell. 

When all is said and done, your dad will appreciate the sentiment, not to mention a fantastic dinner with the family which is the best gift of all, apparently!