'Germinator' Jacket From San Francisco Apparel Firm Targets Mass Transit Germaphobes

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A San Francisco crowdfunded apparel firm is rolling out a jacket designed for mass transit germaphobes who can't bear to be stuck among their germ-spewing fellow passengers.

Betabrands is currently funding it's 'Germinator' Transit Jacket, which will feature a high collar with a removable antimicrobial liner that can, according to the company's website, "protect yourself from reckless farts and coughs."

The Germinator also has fold-out cuffs to let transit riders avoid touching poles, and a transit pass holder built into the sleeve allowing riders to simply wave their arm over a card reader.

The jacket could presumably benefit riders such as this gentleman:

A removable hood gives riders the option to rest their head against greasy windows or grimy seat backs.

The Germinator jacket is the brainchild of consultancy firm gravitytank which is partnering with Betabrand to create and sell the jackets.

Betabrand reports it is already more than 100 percent toward its funding goal with seven days left. It is selling the jackets for $248 online, with 10 percent off for those who order by the funding deadline.


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