Germantown Cafe: Bringing An American Spin To A Country City

When in Nashville, you'll be able to find plenty of hearty American soul food, but there's one restaurant that feels very refreshing to the Nashville area. Germantown Café is considered a staple restaurant in Nashville's dining scene, by offering fresh, creative and affordable culinary dishes on top of a fully stocked wine bar and a fantastic view overlooking the city of Nashville.

While Germantown Café calls itself a traditionally American kitchen, their dishes, as seen in their menu, have subtle twists. With some classic southern dishes like fried green tomatoes and shrimp and grits, their signature plates are the ones with either unique flavoring or fresh meats, like their signature plum pork with mashed potatoes and tiny green beans, the jerk pork chop spiced with wild mushroom couscous and green beans topped with green apple chutney, or the pan seared trout with red pepper cheddar grits, sautéed kale and tomatoes with sweet corn coulis. 

With great reviews from Bon Appetit and The Tennessean, Germantown Café is sure to spark your appetite. On top of having a sleek and modern interior that makes all guests feel immensely comfortable and relaxed, it's also in a prime location. After dinner, there are tons for you to explore in the nearby area. But Germantown Café's meal will definitely leave you completely satisfied for an unforgettable experience.