German Walls Pee Back at Drunken Urinators

The walls in Cologne are fighting back against drunken urinators
German train station


The walls of German train stations can now pee back at drunken late-night travelers who are too drunk to find a bathroom.

After a long night of drinking at the bars, a lot of people just can’t be bothered to try to find a proper toilet, and just opt instead to relieve themselves against a nearby wall. It’s not the tidiest of habits, but after a few too many drinks, a lot of people just don’t care. Revelers in Cologne, Germany, however, might want to put in the effort to find a bathroom, because new walls in that city are actually fighting back against illicit urinators.

According to The Local, the walls in Cologne can now pee back at drunk people who decide to urinate on them. The parking lot of the main train station in Cologne has reportedly been a popular target of “Wildpinklers,” which is a delightful German word for people who urinate in public places. The word might be funny, but the practice has been utterly infuriating the staff at the train station, who are sick of the drunk people and the bad smell. So now the station is fighting back with a special paint that actually bounces any liquids right back to their point of origin. Now any Wildpinklers attempting to spray the wall will learn what it feels like to be sprayed themselves.

“We've covered a 30 metre stretch of wall with a special kind of paint that's extremely hydrophobic," a Deutsche Bahn spokesperson said. "It means any stream of liquid aimed at the wall will bounce back off at roughly the same angle."

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The wall has also been decorated with signs to warn people what will happen if they try it, but it seems likely that some Wildpinklers coming back from a long night will not bother reading the warnings and will get an unpleasant surprise. Maybe next time they’ll remember to go before they leave the bar.