Sausage-Nibbling Thief Caught By DNA Evidence

A man who broke into a German grocery store last February has finally been caught by police, and they never would have been able to pin the crime on him if he hadn't stopped for a bite of sausage.

According to The Local, several crooks broke into a German supermarket back in February. They were trying to get into the market's safe to steal some cash, but they failed to get the safe open. Instead, they stole several hundred euros worth of cigarettes and ran off before the police could get there.

During the crime, however, one of the thieves stopped in the butcher's section of the supermarket to have a bite of sausage, and he left half the nibbled-on sausage behind.

This past Tuesday, police say they arrested the same man for a completely different crime, and DNA evidence from the sausage told them that he was responsible for the supermarket burglary, too. If only he'd left the sausage alone, police would have had no way of pinning the supermarket crime on him. Maybe next time he'll remember to eat before committing a burglary.