German Politician Steps Down Over Naughty Cake

German's far-right political party has been getting more negative press than usual lately, but an adult dessert was the last straw for second-in-command Peter Marx, who stepped down yesterday after he was caught posing with a naughty birthday cake.

Secretary General Peter Marx was the number two leader of the National Democratic Party, a far-right political party with neo-Nazi ties. But according to The Local his NPD career ended abruptly this Saturday when he was photographed at a birthday party at a pub where there was a striptease and a penis-shaped birthday cake.

Party head Udo Pastörs described the pictures as "unsavory." Marx resigned from his NPD post on Sunday.

The unseemly pictures were just a step too far for Marx, but he had reportedly been under more intense scrutiny lately. It likely did not help matters that the birthday party was also attended by Ina Groll, the porn actress and former face of the NPD face who was recently kicked out of the party for having taken part in interracial sex scenes. The rise and fall of Ina Groll's NPD career has been heavily reported in the international media in recent weeks, causing fallout for many of the party's top politicians and leading to the kind of scrutiny where something as seemingly harmless as a picture with a phallic cake can be a career-killer.