Elderly Couple Mistakes Refugee Home for Restaurant, Gets Fed Anyway

A couple on a canoe trip wandered into some refugees’ home and ordered lunch
Samoon iraqi flatbread

Wikimedia/Omar Chatriwala

An elderly couple went looking for a restaurant and accidentally wandered into the home of some refugees, who fed them anyway. 

An elderly couple on a canoeing holiday in Germany recently went looking for a restaurant and accidentally wound up in the home of some refugees, but it took them awhile to realize their mistake because they got their meal anyway.

According to The Local, Gabriele Stärz and Hans Eppinger were on their way back from a canoe trip in Bavaria when they got hungry and decided to look for a restaurant. They eventually spotted a building with a sign that said “Brewery - Restaurant Hennemann” and decided that looked promising, even though the front door was bricked up.

Kawa Suliman, a 30-year-old lawyer from northern Iraq, spotted the couple around the restaurant and waved them into the house.

“We had no idea who they were,” Suliman said later. “Nobody knew them, but one thing was clear to me - they were hungry.”

So Suliman offered them some seats around a table and said he could bring out some eggs, toast, homemade jam, homemade flat bread, tomatoes and yogurt.

Stärz and Eppinger were a little surprised by the look of the place--the tables and chairs did not match, and there were no other customers--but they figured the restaurant had just opened.

“I thought. They’ve just opened up. Under such circumstances one should have a bit of understanding when everything doesn’t look too neat,” Stärz said.

Suliman and three friends rustled up a meal for the couple, who still thought they were in a restaurant. They did not figure out what was going on until they asked for the bill and Suliman said they did not have to pay.


“I immediately began to cry,” said Stärz, who said the food was delicious. “I could start to cry again just thinking about it.”