Beer Spill Stops Autobahn Traffic

Germany's Autobahn is famed for its lack of speed limits, but this week traffic was brought to a standstill by a massive beer spill across all three lanes of the motorway.

According to The Local, a truck bearing several hundred crates of German beer was traveling from Munich to Berlin on a very popular and busy section of the Autobahn Tuesday. Everything was fine, until the truck rounded a curve, and the driver discovered that he had not properly secured the crates to the truck when 230 crates flew off the truck and smashed on the road.

Thousands of bottles of beer smashed across the highway. Nobody was injured, but the cleanup took hours, and traffic was stopped across all three lanes for the duration. Cars were able to resume their travel once the broken glass was tidied, but drivers on the Autobahn are not known for moving at a leisurely pace. The driver of the truck will likely get hit with an enormous fine for causing the mess.