Geraldo Rivera Blames Tequila for Naked Twitter Photo

Staff Writer
When in doubt, blame it on the alcohol
Fox News wasn't too happy about Rivera's naked photos

Rivera tweets naked selfie photo.

As Jamie Foxx once sang, "Blame it on the alcohol," and 70-year-old Fox News host Geraldo Rivera took that advice as he blamed tequila for his risqué naked selfie photo on Twitter this past Saturday. 

According to People, Rivera claims to rarely drink alcohol at all, and a couple of drinks after a late night at work left him thinking that posting the scandalous photo was a good idea.

He then woke up the next morning with a text from his 18-year-old daughter, who seemed to strongly disagree. Rivera’s wife, who didn’t even know about the photo, heard about it from a friend in Chicago who works for Oprah, who advised her, "Whatever you do, honey, you've got to say that you're proud of your husband."

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After being reprimanded by Fox, Rivera took the photo down, although chatter about the picture still remains. Rivera recently tweeted again, "If my pix is so offensive to media critics, why do they keeping flashing the damn thing over & over?" Perhaps blaming it on the alcohol doesn’t work every time?